Wedding Photos That Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Your wedding day takes your love story and supercharges it with joy. 

Imagine it. You’re not just wearing a wedding dress, it’s the dress. You’ve got gorgeous florals evvverywhere. Colors that stir your soul. Intentional details that’ll grab the attention of your childhood bestie and your great auntie too. And an all-night party full of dance moves both fantastic and silly, maybe a little spilled champagne, and achy cheeks from way too much laughter.

And once the dust settles and the fog lifts from your celebration—you get to look at your photos for all the years to come and step right back into those moments. To experience the love, joy and jubilee all over again—with every unforgettable detail shining through.

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“Oh my gosh, where to begin?! Simon was the best decision we made! ”

“He’s not only a photographer—whose photos are amazing, creative, candid, emotional, and empowering—but he is also a certified good vibe setter, mood lifter, stress zapper, and all around personified insurance that you will have a good time on your wedding day.”

— M+S

Mountains of Positivity & Total Hype Man Energy 

From first meeting to last dance,
I've got your back from start to finish.

Delivering an unparalleled experience is at the heart of what I do. The truth is, my job as your Asheville wedding photographer starts waaaaay before you walk down that aisle. You’re planning a wedding day tailored to your real life love story, so you deserve photos just as personal.

I will genuinely get to know you two, your favorite folks who’ll be there celebrating with you, and your unique vision for the day. And then my camera comes out to capture every moment and meaningful detail.

My priority is YOU, and providing the best dang service you could hope for.



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150+                                 reviews and counting… here’s a recent fave.

“Hiring Simon was the best and easiest decision we made.”

“Simon is simply the best! He is probably the NICEST human being, the most talented photographer, and is really just good company. Even our wedding guests absolutely loved him. From the start, he had the best communication, was easy to work with, and always enthusiastic and flexible.”

— P+Y

Immerse Yourself In The Experience

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Years from now, when you’re sharing the pages of your wedding album with the next generation, you’ll feel yourself tugged back to the moment that started your incredible journey.

We’re not just documenting the facts of your wedding day. We’re preserving the essence of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Belly laughs and happy tears and tight squeezes and genuine joy. These are the memories made to last. And the photos that make it happen. 

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